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Executive Committee


Mr Marcel Storken
Telephone 8387 9968
Mobile 0417 870 181

Vice President

John Munro
Telephone 83272833
Mobile 0403 048 272


Mr Marcel Storken (acting)

Recording Secretary

                   Tom Grace
                   Telephone 83820668
                   Mobile 0417 362 753


Mr Geoff Goss
Telephone 8383 6133
Mobile 0421 887 575

Executive Committee

Office Bearers – Marcel Storken, John Munro, Geoff Goss, Tom Grace
Member Delegates – Don Lugg, Brooke O’Neil, Peter Flierl and Suoyi Flierl

Booking Officer – Mr Maurice Quinn 0411 042 320

Child Safe Officer – Maurice Quinn

Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) – Maurice Quinn


STT01-Constitution adopted November 2009

Strategic Plan:

STT02-Strategic Plan 2014_2018

STT02-Strategic Plan 2014_2018 Detail

Policies, Regulations and By-Laws:

Southern Policy Register

STT03-Hot Weather Policy

STT04-Code of Conduct adopted March 2011

STT05-Competition by laws

STT06-Child Protection Policy adopted March 2011

STT07-Member Protection Policy

STT08-No Smoking Policy Jan 2018

STT12-Social Media Policy

STT13-Risk Management Policy

STT16 – Good Sports – Alcohol Safe Transport and Smoking Management Policy


STT09-Induction Form for  Coaches
STT10-Induction Form for Volunteers who will be  working with children
STT11-Induction Form for Volunteers

Annual General Meeting

Office Bearer Nomination Form
Member Delegate Nomination Form
Southern Membership Form

All Past Annual Reports are available on the “Archives” Page.

Life Members

  • Geoff Goss
    Wally Schmitt
    Brian James
    Bev James
    Helen Berry
    Jo Storken
    Alvan White
    Maurice Quinn
    Don Lugg
  • Marcel Storken
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