Southern run 3 internal competitions which are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights and take place over 16 week periods.  We are also able to enter teams into the TTSA Winter competition which takes place on Monday and Tuesday nights.  We have internal  Junior competitions on Tuesday nights during school terms 2 and 4.  We also take part in a TTSA junior competition on Saturday



Commencing 8th of May  (14 weeks of matches with 2 weeks of finals).

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Commencing around September (14 weeks of matches with 2 weeks of finals).

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Players enter as individuals and nominate on which nights they are available.  Teams are then organised by the competition committee.   There is a large overlap of player abilities between the Wednesday and Thursday nights but players new to competition table tennis will probably need to play on Wednesday nights.  If any players have any particular requirements they are encouraged to indicate this on their Player Application form.  Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests.

Fees:    Set each season.  Concession and Junior Fees available.

Nights of Play:     Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Players will be graded to ensure an even competition on both nights.

Entries Close:     Two weeks before the commencement of the season.


Junior competitions are held twice a year during term 2 and term 4 and are a part of our junior coaching program.  The competitions will take place on Tuesday nights between 7.00 p.m. and about 8.30 p.m. and requires players to register as individuals.  Teams will then be formed of equal ability from the nominations received.  Players will get to play at least 2 singles and 1 doubles match each night.  All matches are played at Southern Table Tennis and the competition is suitable for players of all abilities.  The cost is $50 for the term for players who have previously paid the administration fee.  Primary School children may use the school voucher systems to pay for the competition.  To nominate for a competition send your name, age, address, parents/guardians name and your contact details to Marcel on 0417 870 181 or via email to

Competition by laws for all seasons.

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