Southern run 3 internal competitions which are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights and take place over 16 week periods.  We are also able to enter teams into the TTSA Winter competition which takes place on Monday and Tuesday nights.  We have internal  Junior competitions on Tuesday nights during school terms 2 and 4.  We also take part in a TTSA junior competition on Saturday



We have 79 positions filled for the Spring competition with 6 new players.  There are a large number of players taking a break so we do have less players than last season which has resulted in 5 team divisions for Thursday nights.  The competition starts on Wednesday the 31st of August.  Please make sure you let your coordinator know when you cant play, check when you have the bye and make sure you pay the competition fee on your first night of play.  If you wish to be a reserve player please contact Marcel on 0417 870 181.  We hope you all have a fun and challenging season.

Spring Teams 2022
Spring Schedule Wednesday Nights
Spring Schedule Thursday’s 2022
Division 1 results
Division 2 results
Division 3 results
Division 4 results
Player percentages
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Congratulations to the finalist for the 2022 Winter Competition

Grand Final results

Division 1

Sharks (Marek RYFKO, Lenno STEVELS, Marcel STORKEN) def Oysters (John CAMPBELL, Adrian BYGRAVE, Grant HOCKNELL)

Div 1 winners Div 1 runners up


Division 2

The Third Wheel (John CAMPBELL, Kelly CAMPBELL, David POWELL) def DJ’s (Jesse BROWN, Daniel WILLOUGHBY, John MUNRO)

Div 2 winners Div 2 runners up

Division 3

Spinners (Abe CONNORS, Jason WOODFIELD, Manfred SAUTNER filling in for Daniel BLACK) def Smashers (Konon KUBOI, Matthew JACKSON, Kelly CAMPBELL)

Div 3 winners Div 3 runners up


Division 4

Terriers (Robyn STAGG filling in for Marcel STORKEN, Jaydyn COGGINS, Jay STORKEN) def Labradors (Yuki KOBOI filling in for Michael TILLER, Frank VELLA, Diana PAGE)

Div 4 winners Div 4 runners up


Winter Teams 2022
Winter Schedule 2022
Division 1 results
Division 2 results
Division 3 results
Division 4 results
Player percentages
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Congratulations to the finalist for the 2022 Summer Competition

Div 1 Winners Summer 2022Div 1 Runners Up Summer 2022

Div 1 Slamin Slammers (6) Adrian Bygrave (filling in for Daniel lawrie), Ethan Cherrington and Mark O’Neil
Defeated Oysters (5) Ashley North, Geoffrey Langhans and Anna Twartz

 Div 2 Winners Summer 2022Div 2 Runners Up 2022
Divi 2 Lord Of The Spin Trevor Millard, Joshua Frahn, Rex Rayner and Daniel Willoughby
Defeated Slice And Dice (5) Jesse Brown, Tony Bygrave, Tom Grace and Ian Henschke
Div 3 Winners Summer 2022Div 3 Runners Up Summers 2022
Div 3 On Edge (7) Marek Ryfko, Mathew Jackson, Andrew Vince and Callum Robertson
Defeated Spun Out (5) Jenny Francis, Kelly Campbell, Jo Storken and Marley Jacobs
Div 4 Winners Summer 2022Div 4 Runners Up Summer 2022
Div 4 Tigers (9) Jed Marshall, Brooke O’Neil, Jamie Hutchinson and Dianna Page
Defeated Panthers (3) Tom Frahn, Paul Shields, Mary-Ann Eddy and Rob Davey

Teams Summer 2022
Div 1 Teams and Schedule Summer 2022
Schedule Div 2, 3 and 4 Summer 2022
Division 1 results
Division 2 results
Division 3 results
Division 4 results
Player percentages
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Players enter as individuals and nominate on which nights they are available.  Teams are then organised by the competition committee.   There is a large overlap of player abilities between the Wednesday and Thursday nights but players new to competition table tennis will probably need to play on Wednesday nights.  If any players have any particular requirements they are encouraged to indicate this on their Player Application form.  Every effort will be made to accommodate such requests.

Fees:    Set each season.  Concession and Junior Fees available.

Nights of Play:     Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Players will be graded to ensure an even competition on both nights.

Entries Close:     Two weeks before the commencement of the season.



We are currently not running any junior specific competitions.  Junior players are welcome to join our Wednesday and Thursday night competitions.

Competition by laws for all seasons.

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